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Larry David doing Bernie Sanders is probably the best televised impression of this election cycle, and the "Saturday Night Live" role kind of just cast itself. In the first debate, I was at... [Read More]
The candidate gave a simple "yes" when asked if he plans to vote for Clinton in November. [Read More]
Police departments in Eugene and Springfield this week said they spent about $12,000 to provide security during Bernie Sanders' April rally, significantly less than public agencies spent on security for the Donald Trump... [Read More]
Bernie, I've been meaning to write to you — one old secular Jewish lefty formed in the 1960s to another — but you know how time gets away from us. In this intermission... [Read More]
Over the course of this presidential campaign season it is safe to say that millions of people participated in what was to hoped to be a political revolution. Senator Bernie Sanders, was able... [Read More]
Bye Bernie Voters?: DNC Platform Committee Just Voted Down $15 Minimum Wage - Cortney O'Brien: Hillary Clinton's hopes of gaining Bernie Sanders supporters in the... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders is looking for progressive partners to join him in Congress. [Read More]
Sanders tells Stephen he is still very much a candidate for the nomination, and will take his 1900 delegates to the convention to push for change. [Read More]
Police departments in Eugene and Springfield this week said they spent about $12,000 to provide security during Bernie Sanders' April rally. [Read More]
June 24, 2016: I wonder whether the millennials and everyone else "feeling the Bern" are following the tragic events unfolding in Venezuela, where electricity and clean water are as scarce as pharmaceuticals and... [Read More]
Trying to tamp down roiling financial markets and fears of a crumbling European Union, President Obama said Friday the United Kingdom's vote to leave the EU "speaks to the ongoing challenges raised by... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders finally said he'll vote for Hillary Clinton, but technically he's still in the presidential race. Why is he staying in? [Read More]
Bernie Sanders later appeared at the Oncenter Convention Center ballroom, though his food stop apparently made him a bit late. [Read More]
During an appearance on The Late Show on Thursday night, Bernie Sanders told host Stephen Colbert that he is not ready to endorse Hillary Clinton for president... [Read More]
seeking to unify after a bruising primary - are poised for a fight over the party's stance on Israel this summer. Advocates for greater recognition of Palestinian positions are hoping that the... [Read More]
Allies of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders pored over a 15,000-word draft of the Democratic Party's platform on Friday in a tedious process that exposed some of the party's dividing lines. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders visited Albany and Syracuse on Friday on his "Where We Go From Here" campaign. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders continued his slow fade from the presidential race at a hastily scheduled stop here Friday, calling for a "political revolution" and comparing his uphill campaign to the struggles for equal rights... [Read More]
Click to view video:... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator and Democratic candidate for President, delivered a manifesto instead of a swan song at a relatively intimate gathering of rabid... [Read More]
'I'm very good at arithmetic...'... [Read More]
During an interview with the cast of CBS This Morning, Bernie Sanders got a fiery reaction from the cast as they pestered him for not dropping out and endorsing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders says he will vote for Hillary Clinton in order to defeat Donald Trump this November... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders says New York's restrictive voting registration rules and Wall Street's giant investment banks need to be reformed in an ongoing movement for a more democratic... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders said Friday he would vote for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in November, but declined to endorse her for now, saying he is waiting until she says what he wants... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday to update his supporters on the status of his campaign. [Read More]
Americans are still feeling the Bern. [Read More]
Even though Bernie Sanders has not officially dropped out of the Presidential race, he admitted that he probably won't be the Democratic Presidential nominee during a C-SPAN interview on Wednesday. So during an... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders told the hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that he will vote for Hillary Clinton for president, the latest in a series of tacit admissions that he has lost... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders said Friday he is working with Hillary Clinton's campaign to see if the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee "can come up with some very serious proposals to transform America.'' The Vermont senator... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders said Friday he will vote for Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton in the November general election, stressing that the ultimate goal now is to beat presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. [Read More]
The democratic hopeful for the U.S. presidency, Bernie Sanders, said Friday that in the Nov. 8 elections he will vote for Hillary Clinton, his rival in the primaries and the party's presumptive nominee. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders said Friday he will vote for Hillary Clinton for president in November, the strongest expression of support yet from the Vermont senator for his rival, and his clearest admission that he... [Read More]
Without actually conceding, he makes it clear he's not going to be making any radical moves post-defeat. [Read More]
The U.S. senator seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, said Friday that the vote in favor of Britain's exit, or Brexit, from the European Union is an indication that the global... [Read More]
The greatest gift Bernie Sanders gave to America during this presidential primary is the sure knowledge that a candidate with the right message can fund a viable national campaign entirely... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders said Friday he will vote for Hillary Clinton for president, stopping short of a full endorsement of his Democratic presidenti…... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders has started rhetorically phasing himself out of the race, while shifting focus to other goals. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders said that he is going to vote for Hillary Clinton in the November general election, stopping short of throwing his full support behind her. [Read More]

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