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For Woodstock-era Californians, the senator embodies a rising consciousness in America. [Read More]
Cenk Uygur, host of "The Young Turks," looks at the events of the Nevada Democratic convention in hindsight, and decides that it is time to double down. CENK UYGUR:... [Read More]
Is Bernie hurting Clinton's chances of winning the general election, or saving the Democratic Party from potential disaster? [Read More]
The crowd went wild Saturday night when Sanders walked out on stage at the Fresno Fairgrounds. [Read More]
Visalia has long been overlooked by presidential candidates. [Read More]
Hillary Clinton may well end up the Democratic Party's nominee for president of the United States. But if Hawaii Democrats are representative of other state parties, supporters of Bernie Sanders are not yet... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders mocked the presumptive Republican nominee for his recent comments on the drought in California, calling out Donald Trump over his dismissal of climate change. "You see, we don't fully appreciate the... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign has announced four more stops in the greater Bay Area scheduled through Wednesday, in Emeryville, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Palo Alto. [Read More]
Veteran actor Dick Van Dyke introduced Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally in Santa Barbara on Saturday as "the sanest man in America." [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders doesn't rule out running with former Sec. Hillary Clinton when asked if that is a job he would consider. [Read More]
The host of NBC's Meet the Press did not mince words when Bernie Sanders was a guest on his show today, directly saying that it sounded like his strate ... [Read More]
If Bernie Sanders were out of the race Hillary Clinton's general election lead over Donald Trump would grow, perhaps significantly. [Read More]
A new poll by ABC-The Washington Post found that 20% of Bernie Sanders supporters will support Donald Trump in the ... [Read More]
Shailene Woodley, Kendrick Sampson and Rosario Dawson piled into Woodley's motor home to campaign for the Democratic presidential candidate ahead of the California primary. [Read More]
Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are up in arms about the number of polling locations in place for the Puerto Rico primary.A Sanders supporter tweeted on Sunday that three weeks ago,... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday called California the "big enchilada" in his bid to overtake Hillary Clinton and claim the Democratic presidential nomination. Asked on NBC's "Meet the PressR…... [Read More]
"The question should be why is Hillary Clinton afraid to debate Bernie Sanders." [Read More]
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders didn't let his 28th wedding anniversary, or the Memorial Day weekend, slow down his campaign Saturday. [Read More]
NBC News host Chuck Todd told Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in an interview aired Sunday that his opinon on superdelegates was "a little bit hypocritical." [Read More]
Top Donald Trump aide Corey Lewandowski defended his candidate's decision to back out of a debate with Bernie Sanders Sunday, saying it would be a waste of time because he won't clinch the... [Read More]
Progressives don't have their next leader, but they're optimistic about their choices. [Read More]
As the senator stays on the move, speaking to huge crowds, volunteers and insiders say he can take the Democratic nomination away from Hillary Clinton After Hillary Clinton won the New York Democratic... [Read More]
Three helicopters hovered overhead. A sign read, "Tax the rich / Legalize drugs." Numerous members of the fourth estate lingered on the fringes of the gathering, cameras and notebooks in »... [Read More]
He's attacking Donald Trump and Republicans instead. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders stopped in Santa Maria on Saturday to push his progressive platform and encourage supporters to turn out for him on June 7. [Read More]
while Bernie Sanders is using his movement to push for Israel-bashing language in the platform. And Israel's remaining Democratic friends are afraid to speak up. A new Pew Research Poll discloses... [Read More]
With Donald Trump unopposed on the Republican side, New Jersey Democrats will cast some of the season's last votes on a contested presidential nomination on June 7. As the Editorial Board detailed before... [Read More]
Hes being asked to make nice and throw his support to Hillary, but this is not how great political movements get started, and a movement is exactly what Sanders is leading now. [Read More]
California is a sprawling state. And Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley, a die-hard Bernie Sanders supporter, had access to a motor home. [Read More]
The Democratic candidate also told "Face the Nation" he's not surprised Trump backed out of debating him, given the GOP candidate's flip-flopping on other issues... [Read More]
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Bernie Sanders urged Hillary Clinton to make a progressive pick for running mate during an interview to air Sunday on "Meet the Press. [Read More]
She was expected to be the clear frontrunner for the presidency. But after a terrible week, Hillary Clinton is still trading blows with Bernie Sanders as the Donald Trump menace grows The week... [Read More]
The actor says Sanders would reinstitute much-needed banking regulations. [Read More]
The Bernie Sanders campaign sought to keep two key Clinton allies from co-chairing Democratic National Convention committees at the Democratic convention in July, according to a report from Politico. Now, according... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling out Donald Trump for withdrawing his offer to debate, an apparent attempt to goad the presumptive Republican nominee and self-described "tough guy" into reconsidering ahead of California's big... [Read More]
Sanders isn't helping Trump by staying in the race—he's giving the Democratic Party twice as much representation. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders' campaign wants the Democratic National Committee to remove two Hillary Clinton supporters from key convention roles, accusing them of being "aggressive attack surrogates." [Read More]
Mr. Sanders is seeking to bar allies of Hillary Clinton from leading the powerful rules and platform committees of the Democratic National Convention in July. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders wished his wife a happy anniversary on Twitter on Saturday.Happy anniversary,... [Read More]
Lawyers for Bernie Sanders are seeking to oust Gov. Dannel Malloy from his role as co-chair of the Democratic National Committee's influential platform committee because of his "professional, personal and political hostility" toward... [Read More]

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